What the Hot Labor Market Means for Job Seekers

Unemployment remains at the lowest recorded level of any state at 1.8% in both June and July, according to the latest data from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

As a result, employers are struggling to hire great talent, and are now offering increased pay, perks, and opportunities. This also makes now the perfect time to reap the benefits by building your career, growing your skill set, and getting on a path to your best professional success.

Endless Opportunities

Right now, there are roughly two job openings for every job seeker in the state of Minnesota. According to a recent employment report from ManpowerGroup where over 40,000 employers across 40+ countries were surveyed, the most difficult roles to fill globally are in education, health, social work, government, and information technology, among others. In fact, technology skills are the top sought-after skill in this market, according to the survey results.

With so many companies on the hunt for great talent, now may be the time to test the waters in a new industry or company who will value your skill set and compensate you adequately for what you bring to the table. Whether you are a hiring manager looking for help finding talent or a job seeker looking for a rewarding career, Q Consulting in Minneapolis can help.

Remote/Flexible Work

While many employers are starting to request that more of their employees come into the office more often since the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing quite a bit of push-back from job seekers. The reality is that flexible and hybrid/remote work opportunities are specifically targeted in today’s job market, and employers who don’t offer these benefits are likely to get passed up by those who do. This has caused savvy employers everywhere to embrace flexibility and hybrid/remote work, and collaborate with employees to create flexible work schedules that are sustainable for both parties.

Compelling Compensation

It’s no secret that today’s job market has led to top talent not only receiving multiple offers, but also counteroffers, with very competitive compensation. Many employers are actually raising their starting salaries as a strategy to attract the most in-demand professionals. This is a smart strategy, as the search for higher compensation in today’s inflated world is causing many professionals to jump into the job hunt.

Looking For Your Next Career Move? Get In Touch With Q Consulting in Minneapolis

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