8 Tips to Make the Most of Working with Your Recruiter

When you are looking (or open) to a career change, working with an experienced Recruiter in your field can make all the difference in finding what you are looking for.

With internal connections in top companies, knowing what makes someone a good fit for the roles these companies are looking to fill, a thorough understanding of the current job market, and experienced coaching on what works and doesn’t work during the interview process, having a Recruiter in your back pocket is an incredibly valuable asset to have during your job search.

Whether you find a Recruiter yourself or a Recruiter reaches out to you if you seem like a good fit for one of their job openings, the following tips are intended to help you make the most out of working with a Recruiter, ultimately leading you to more opportunities, a broader network of connections, and overall higher career satisfaction.

Get clear on your goals and aspirations.

What are you looking for in a career? What is your ultimate dream position? Are there any specific companies (or types of companies) that you would love to work for? What about deal-breakers? There are all things to think about to help you get clear in the direction you want to go. By knowing these things, your Recruiter will be able to know where you would fit well and where you wouldn’t. Their goal is to make sure that you are working somewhere where you find fulfillment, so even if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for, having an idea of this will help them provide you with some great options that you may not have even considered before!

Build a relationship with your Recruiter.

When it comes to finding you the job you want, your Recruiter needs to be able to get to know you and who you are as a person. Don’t be afraid to open up to them— let them know what kind of job you want, the type of company you see yourself in, the kinds of tasks you would like to do, where you would like to see your career go, if you are open to in-person, hybrid, or remote work, and anything else you think your Recruiter should know. Also never be afraid to ask questions, because no question is a dumb question when it comes to something as big as your career. Building a solid relationship with your Recruiter will not only help you build trust and confidence in what they do, but will also help them gain a full understanding of what you are looking for.

Follow through with your commitments.

If you are working with a Recruiter and have a meeting or interview scheduled, be sure to follow through. While they will understand if enough notice is given, no-showing not only reflects poorly on yourself, but also on your Recruiter.

Trust your Recruiter to do their job.

When you work with a Q Consulting Recruiter, you can trust in their expertise and knowledge to help you navigate your job search. They also have the relationship with the company you are applying for and have a thorough understanding of their needs. While finding a new job is stressful for anyone, give your Recruiter your trust and know that they will guide you in the right direction.

Be open about working with other Recruiters.

While it might be nerve-wracking to let your Recruiter know that you might be working with other Recruiters, they will ALWAYS appreciate your honesty more than anything. They understand that you need to weigh out your options when it comes to jobs, and it isn’t uncommon for people to have their eggs in a few different baskets.

The reason it is so important to be up-front and honest about this is because it blindsides your Recruiter if you end up going with another job without telling them. With Q’s Recruiters, you will never feel guilt-tripped to take a role if another one is calling your name— but it is helpful for them to know so that they don’t get their hopes up for you only to see that they wasted their hard efforts helping you land a role that you didn’t even really want.

Recruiters will always respect you for your honesty!

Ask for interview coaching and resume help.

While our Recruiters at Q Consulting already help with this as a part of our process, if you aren’t seeing this from your Recruiter, be sure to ask for it. Your Recruiter should have a thorough understanding of what the hiring manager is looking for and can help you bring your best self to your interview. They also know the best practices for resume format, so if you need some help in that department, your Recruiter can help you with that, too. Not only can this help the application process go smoother, but can also help you land the opportunity you want.

Offer up referrals if you have them.

If you are working with a Q Recruiter and know someone, whether they are a friend, family member, or colleague, who also might be a good fit for one of our roles, please refer them to us! Many businesses thrive on referrals, and at Q Consulting, we reward our Consultants for sending them our way. For more information about referral bonuses with Q, get in touch with one of our Recruiters today.

Keep in touch after you’ve landed the job.

In many cases, your Recruiter can become a lifelong career advocate for you. You never know when you might want to find a new job that better suits your wants and needs, so if you hit it off with your Recruiter, make an attempt to stay in touch with them. And don’t be alarmed if our Recruiters try to stay in touch with you, too! We love to treat our Consultants, including taking them out to coffee to see how their job is going, what is new in their life, and if there is anything else we can help them with. This helps give us a pulse on whether or not we did our job right, or if we should see what our other options are for you. Remember that your Recruiter is always there for you, and their main goal is to help you find a job that you are excited about.

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