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5 Game-Changing Hiring Tips

5 Game-Changing Hiring Tips Changes and competition in the market significantly affect the hiring landscape and this year is no different. Since joining the IT and Management Consulting industry almost 4 years ago, I’ve witnessed the quickly changing hiring landscape and companies struggling to hire effectively. If you’re a hiring leader, you may have witnessed […]

10 Year Challenge: The Hiring Crisis in Minnesota

10 Year Challenge

With unemployment rates at a 50-year low, it comes as no surprise that the job market and hiring landscape in Minnesota look vastly different than 10 years ago. According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, in Q2 of 2009 there were 31,000 job vacancies and 232,000 unemployed people. Ten years later in Q2 […]

Just Thinking Out Loud…Is Speed better than Quality?

Speed vs Quality

We recently received a testimonial from a great Fortune 500 client. The hiring manager stated, “Q Consulting is our go-to consulting company! They’re consistently able to find candidates and consultants that 30 of our other vendors cannot find and at the same price” he then went on to ask, “how is this possible?”. Organizations are […]