Taking the Big Leap: Becoming a Consultant

Q Consulting is comprised of the most collaborative, driven, and accountable problem-solvers in the Twin Cities. Today I caught up with Adam Fisher, Q Consultant Program Manager, who took a leap of faith into consulting and plans to never look back!

Adam’s technology background includes experience in software training, infrastructure, web and app development, and people and project management. In his current project, Adam is helping further develop his client’s digital strategy through strategic efforts, a digital facelift, and launching new portals for members, brokers, providers, and shoppers.

Adam shares his experience in consulting and why he hopes to never go back to FTE in our conversation below:

What misconceptions did you have about consulting prior to becoming a consultant?

I was apprehensive about consulting because it seemed like an unstable option that did not provide guaranteed income or benefits. When I started to do some research, however, I learned that it was a stable space and that some consulting firms were able to offer benefits packages. The more I learned, the more I realized the upsides of consulting. These include:

  • Gaining experience in many different industries
  • Choosing projects that I am truly interested in working on
  • Learning new technologies and keeping my experience fresh
  • Higher compensation to account for the project-based work

What made you decide to take a consulting project?

I chose to take a consulting project once I learned that my preconceived beliefs about consulting were incorrect. I realized I could find an interesting opportunity and began to look at the market. There were several interesting firms and technologies, but I chose to go with Q because of their digital experience transformation role. I liked the challenges that came with the role and knew I would learn a lot!

When you evaluated consulting firms, what stood out to you about Q?

Compared to other firms, there has been more passion! Other firms felt like they were following a standard business process, while Q really took the time to invest in the relationship and act in my best interest. Q was well-coordinated and had a professional process that I trusted!

How would you describe your experience working with Q so far?

If I had to pick a few words to describe my experience working with Q, they would be planful, consistent, professional, and energized. I appreciate that Q consistently checks in with me to see how things are going and to ask if I need any support. Every person I have interacted with at Q has been proactive and engaging, and it’s a professional and exciting firm to work with!

If someone were considering moving from an FTE role to consulting, what would you tell them?

Ha! The first thing I would say is call Q Consulting! I have referred several people to Q based on how positive my own experience has been. Having a good consulting partner is KEY to help navigate opportunities, prepare for interviews, and understand the expectations of a consultant. The expectations of a consultant are much different than those of an FTE, and I appreciate Q’s partnership as I’ve made this career transition.

Consulting offers many career benefits, but it can be difficult to navigate on your own. We are glad that Q was able to help Adam successfully make the switch to consulting and are looking forward to a continued partnership! Working with wonderful professionals like Adam is our favorite part of the job.

Are you interested in learning more about consulting opportunities?

Reach out to me at or check out our open opportunities here: https://www.qconsulting.com/jobs/

I can’t wait to partner with you!