It’s Time to Connect

We are living in crazy times. Everything has changed from a few short weeks ago. Almost every part of our lives has been impacted by this pandemic. As I sat at my kitchen “desk” trying to figure out my new reality, I thought about how I can continue to do what I am best at: connecting with people.

As a Business Development Director, I spend my days in constant contact with people. I collaborate with my team, strategize with my clients, and touch base with consultants. In every situation, my goal is to leave those I encounter better off than they were before.

Last week, as I attempted to build my makeshift work-space, I started to reflect. More than ever, we need to be connecting with each other. People are not made to be isolated. As important as it is right now, social distancing is not normal, it’s more awkward than anything. I need to make my connections with people count. Ultimately, I need to be intentional about leaving those I encounter in a better place than before.

Although our mode of communication is changed for the foreseeable future, I realized that now is NOT the time to disconnect. Instead, it’s a time to be intentional about how we connect and make the most of those moments we do.

With that said, I am forging ahead determined to:

  • Check in with People | There is an overflow of emotions right now. Studies are showing a lot of people are suffering from grief. People are stressed and anxious. Let’s not pretend those feelings aren’t there, instead let’s talk about them! It’s important we check in and let people know we are here there for them and willing to help however we can. Set up a video chat as people are craving social interaction right now.
  • Be Compassionate | People need people. We want to feel we exist and that someone cares about us. People want to be heard so take the time to actively listen. Be humble, authentic, and genuine. Ask questions not because you want something or need something in return. Ask because you actually care about that person and their response.
  • Positive Attitude | Having a positive attitude is paramount right now. We’re all inundated with bad news and media sensationalism. Being optimistic, having hope and delivering cheer is such a breath of fresh air. Spreading sunshine in these gloomy days makes a huge difference.
  • Control the Controllable | There is so much out of our control right now. Our government leaders are making unprecedented decisions and there is nothing we can do about it. So, let’s focus on what we can control and make the best of it. Let’s take action to do things that make a positive impact instead of focusing on the “what ifs.”

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Many things have changed, but I refuse to change how I partner with my team, clients, and consultants. By checking in with others, being compassionate, having a positive attitude, and controlling the controllable, I am focusing on leaving those I connect with better off than they were before.

In this time of uncertainty, if you need someone in your corner, I am around! Drop me a line and we’ll connect virtually for now, with me at my kitchen “desk”.