Be Transparent to Land Your Dream Job

In my career as a Recruiter, I’ve heard statements such as “maybe you don’t need to know all of this”, “am I sharing too much?”, and “I don’t mean to bore you with the details.” Well, I am here to tell you all… I LOVE the details! I’ve found that to best represent candidates and build strong partnerships, there are specific details that are crucial to cover in the recruiting process.

The most successful candidates that have landed their dream jobs, have been crystal clear with me on the specifics of their search. If I can give you any advice entering your job search, be clear on what you want ahead of time so that, with the help of your Recruiter, you can narrow in on the best next career move!

In my experience, transparency on the following three topics has led to successful Recruiter/Candidate partnerships.

  1. What you Want: This is less about wanting free snacks in the breakroom or a stand-up desk, and more about what is really important to you in your next role (although I would argue, there are some free snack options that are indeed important). This is the criteria that you will revisit time and time again when you’re comparing various positions or offers. To determine what is most important to you, you can ask yourself the following questions and rank them by importance:
    What would make my next position better than my current situation?
    How far am I willing to commute? Does more money or new skills change this distance?
    What experience do I hope to gain in the next project?
    What am I targeting from a compensation standpoint?
    Why it’s Important: Before starting your search, you should be ready to tell your Recruiter all these details with ease. Remember, you are in charge of your career and your Recruiter is here to help you navigate the search. Sharing these details with your Recruiter will ensure that they are helping you find a role that will advance your career AND make you happy!
  1. The Status of Your Search:If you’ve already laid out the groundwork for “What you Want”, this topic should be clear cut! To help you best navigate your search, it is crucial that you keep your Recruiter in the loop of where you are submitted, when you are interviewing, which roles are most appealing, etc. Be honest with the Recruiter you are working with. Tell them which positions interest you most and where you are in the process of landing those positions.
    Why it’s Important: Excellent Recruiters know their clients well. They have access to insider information. They know hiring managers and HR leaders. They can advise organizations to move more quickly if you are expecting another offer. If you are working with an excellent Recruiter who has close relationships with their clients, filling them in on your timeline could mean the difference between you landing a good position or your dream position!
  1. Your Future Plans: Where do you want to take your career and what are your goals for the future?It is important to identify how the opportunities you are pursing are impacting your overall career goals. Share these dreams and goals with your Recruiter. Recruiters are consistently looking in the market and are very well-networked. Who knows, they may stumble upon a role or connection that would help you reach your future goals faster than you had expected!
    Why it’s Important: You may not have all the answers or know exactly where you want to go, but that’s where a good Recruiter will jump in and help. I can be your long-term eyes and ears to the market. The way I do this best? By knowing exactly what you want!

I may sound biased as a Recruiter, but I have witnessed the importance of building a strong partnership between candidate and Recruiter. Although you may have to do some work upfront, this groundwork will help set a direction and pay off in the long term.  This partnership and transparency will not only allow you to find your next best career move, it will help you navigate your search and avoid those pesky landmines that would set you off course. I am happy to help you navigate your search. Reach out today and we can talk about what you’re looking for, where you’re at in your search and where you want to go in the future! /">