Just Thinking Out Loud… Is Speed Better Than Quality?

Speed vs Quality

We recently received a testimonial from a great Fortune 500 client. The hiring manager stated, “Q Consulting is our go-to consulting company! They’re consistently able to find candidates and consultants that 30 of our other vendors cannot find and at the same price” he then went on to ask, “how is this possible?”.

Organizations are consistently working to improve, to innovate and do things differently, and ultimately to grow – quickly! With that, many companies are adopting the method of operating faster. In the staffing industry, we’re consistently working to help our clients solve problems, build teams, and grow. Helping clients operate faster means that the hiring manager can make decisions JIT (just in time). With a focus on growth, the question comes into play – is faster better and can you achieve quality?

Operating faster for our clients has some pros and cons. We can help clients find resources to onboard quickly, however, there are risks involved. Faster may get someone in the door quicker, but risks onboarding the wrong person…and what’s the cost of turnover? With the faster concept in mind, all too often we witness commodification of candidates and consultants and thus the wrong people land in the wrong seats.

Per Wikipedia, Commodification is the transformation of goods, services, ideas and peopleinto commodities or objects of trade. Commodification in business is the byproduct of the quest for speed. Many companies are cutting corners and thus forgetting about the human aspect of hiring humans!

In hiring humans, how do we avoid commodification AND focus on timely, appropriately priced and QUALITY hires?

Throughout my 20+ years in the consulting industry, time and time again it’s proven true – it’s all about the people! Faster, appropriately priced and quality hires ARE attainable, and that process starts with taking the time to understand the candidates and clients we work with and represent. That’s the answer to our Fortune 500 client’s question.

At Q, we love the concept of taking an “old school” approach to recruiting and focusing on relationships. We ask A LOT of questions. We learn exactly what passive and active candidates are looking for to understand their goals, dreams and aspirations. We pay close attention to the details. We understand our clients, the problems they need to solve and the people who fit well into our client’s CULTURE. By doing a lot of the work up front, we’ve created a model that allows us to be faster, appropriately priced AND provide the highest quality. We consistently work to achieve that goal. It’s more work, but the result is speed AND quality. I call that a win, win.