Top Video Interview Tips to Help You Land the Job

In a world that has gone primarily virtual, employers have been utilizing video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx to conduct their job interviews.

While there isn’t much of a difference between in-person and video interviews, there are some special considerations you will want to keep in mind before hopping on a call with the hiring manager of a job you are hoping to land.

Practice using the video conferencing software that you will be using for the interview.

If you have logged into Zoom and know your way around, then it’s easy to think that logging into Microsoft Teams will be the same way. Although they are both video conferencing tools, there are some key differences among each software that you will want to navigate before you sit down for your interview. Not only will this help to alleviate panic on interview day if you experience any sort of technical difficulty, but will also allow you to navigate the platform comfortably, including how to mute and unmute your microphone, turn your camera on and off, etc.

A great way of doing this is to log into whichever platform you are using and have a friend do a video call with you to make sure that you can hear and see them (and vice versa), that there isn’t any external noise causing distractions, and that you are sitting in a good spot where you can see your face clearly.

Prepare the same way that you would for an in-person interview.

Just because your interview is happening virtually doesn’t mean you don’t want to take it as seriously as an in-person interview. You will still want to take the time to do your research on the company, the role you are interviewing for, and practice common interview questions. You will also still want to have a few questions ready to ask your interviewer in return like you would in any other interview.

The same goes for clothing. Be sure to dress the same way you would for an in-person interview (yes, including pants). While it’s understandable to feel more casual in your home, not dressing the part for your interview can give the wrong idea about how interested you are in the role.

Research the company you are interviewing with.

It’s not uncommon for interviewers to ask interviewees what they know about their company. The last thing you want to do is be in an interview and not have a single thing to say about the company you are interviewing with. Go to the website of the company you are applying for to get to know the company a bit better. Some great things to know are:

  • What the company does
  • Why they do what they do
  • Who they serve
  • Their mission statement and values
  • Their value proposition

Hiring managers love to hear what you know about the company and if you are excited about their mission/values, so don’t be afraid to elaborate on that in the interview!

Run through common interview questions ahead of time.

This is one of the best ways to calm your nerves and feel confident coming into an interview. Take to the internet and search for common interview questions for the position you are applying for. While many of these may be high-level questions, it is always great to get the practice in before your video interview.

At Q, our experienced team works with each of our consultants before their interview, not only helping them navigate the video platform they are using, but also providing valuable insights as to what they can expect from the individuals they are interviewing with and potential questions they might be asked during their interview. Think of us as your very own interview prep coach.

Find a good location and set up well ahead of time.

Have you ever logged into a video call with someone and the glaring sun behind them makes it impossible to see their face? Or their dog won’t stop barking in the background?

This is why it is important to find a good, quiet, and well-lit location to set up for your interview. A great example of this would be an office or private room with the door closed while facing a window. Or, if you are in an apartment where it is difficult to get away from the noise, some have small rooms available for taking phone calls, studying, etc. that are also great options. Just be sure to know where you will be setting up ahead of time so you are prepared for the interview so that you know it is available, your computer connects to the Wi-Fi, and so on.

Log on to the video call early.

The same way you wouldn’t show up at 1PM for a 1PM interview, be sure to log on to your interview meeting at least 5 minutes early. This will show your interviewer that you are punctual and care a lot about the position you are interviewing for. One of the main reasons that people log in late to video interviews is because they were not prepared ahead of time (which can easily be solved by completing the above steps). This is a surefire way to stress yourself out before an interview and start off on the wrong foot with the person who is taking the time to interview you.

Be honest and be yourself.

Many people let the nerves of interviewing overcome them and cause them to become anxious during an interview. While this one is tougher to take care of, keep in mind that you aren’t alone in feeling that way. The person who is interviewing you is also a human, and while you always want to be professional, don’t forget that they have been the interviewee before, too. Take a few deep breaths before you begin, don’t forget to smile, and be honest about your experience and what you bring to the table!

Overall, video interviews are virtually (no pun intended) the same as in-person interviews. Video interviews just require you to navigate your software and plan your location beforehand, while everything else is pretty on-point with how you should prepare for a typical in-person interview.

At Q Consulting, we are much more than an IT and Management consulting firm. While bridging the gap between top talent and opportunity in the Minneapolis area is the high-level of what we do, we truly care about the people we bring on and are here to be their partner throughout the entire consulting process. This means a partner for interview prep, a partner in seamless onboarding, a partner on your first day, and every day after. When your contract comes to an end, we’ll be your partner to help you find your next opportunity.

If you’re looking for your consulting partner and for even more video interview tips and tricks, get in touch with the Q Crew today!