Just Thinking Out Loud… Is it Time for a New Fare?

After receiving our Best Places to Work survey results, the word that our employees and staff used most to describe their experience with Q Consulting is FUN. What’s a more fun topic for Minnesotans than the State Fair?

In my personal life, I wake up and workout at the same time each day (4:45 am), leave the house at the same time every day, eat the same breakfast, and when my wife Carolyn and I go to our favorite restaurant, we’re seated at the same table. There’s no way around it, outside of business: I am a creature of “routine”. This just thrills my wife.

Since I am not a native Minnesotan and didn’t grow up attending the State Fair every year, the lure of it hasn’t worn off quite yet and Carolyn and I look forward to our State Fair visit every year. We like to partake in the entire experience, morning to night! We gear up for the day and head to the local park and ride. From there we hop on the bus for the bumpy ride to the gates of the “Great Minnesota Get-together” (with all this construction, shouldn’t there be LESS potholes??). We’ll spend the day putting on miles while taking in the sights, eating at our “routine” food stops, and then head to a concert to cap off the night.

In excitement (and a moment of “I can’t believe summer is almost over”) I stumbled upon the City Pages article revealing the new food items for the State Fair for 2019. This year…Cheesy Sriracha Funnel Cake Bites, Blueberry Key Lime Pie, and Carolina Pit-Smoked Brisket Tacos just to name a few. Remember the creature of “routine” comment? Well…it’s true for me even when it comes to the State Fair (hard to believe, I know). Every year we seek out the same food vendors. In a true meal fashion, we start with the sweet corn as an appetizer, then head toward the pizza stand for the main course and finally Sweet Martha’s for dessert…of course!

With the fair starting TODAY this got me thinking. At Q we’re consistently nimble and trying new things, so is it time I try a new State Fair fare? Do I ditch the pizza, corn and cookies and try something new? Do I dare be that bold?

I am reaching out to my network to ask… what do I have to try at the State Fair? What foods will be a staple for me in years to come? What will you be trying for the first time this year? I want to hear your thoughts…but go easy on me.

Q Consulting is an everchanging organization. We’re flexible in our approach and consistently open to new ways of doing business. In 2019 we ventured outside our comfort zone (massive office expansion, new hires including a brand new role to the organization in Brand Management, and more) in the pursuit of growth, and it’s proven to be successful as we’ve won awards like Best Places to Work and more…TBA. 😉