Identifying Excellent Consulting Partners

Many of the consultants I work with today are candidates I’ve worked with for several years. I strive to take a proactive approach to recruiting and I encourage candidates to do the same when working with Recruiters. Having trusted Recruiters on your side will not only help you find positions that will increase your skill set and value in the market, it will also help you along the path to your career dreams. I cannot stress the importance of building strong relationships with trusted Recruiters and how it can positively impact your career!

With so many competing Recruiters and IT consulting companies here in the Twin Cities, it is important to be critical when considering which consulting companies to work with. Through talking with thousands of candidates and consultants, and hearing many stories over the years, I’ve observed three major differentiators that set the average consulting companies apart from the excellent consulting partners!

First, they’re accountable! It is crucial that you know who is representing you in the market and to establish a trusted relationship before being submitted to their clients.

How do you know if the consulting company and the Recruiter are accountable?

  • They’ve asked to meet you in person. There is a tremendous amount of value in meeting with the Recruiter you’re working with. There are several reasons why this meeting is important, with building a mutual partnership of accountability at the top of my list. Meeting in person not only allows you to vet the Recruiter and consulting company you’re engaging with; it also gives you the opportunity to let your resume come to life.
  • They have a strong presence in the city your job search is in. Even in a virtual world there’s still something to be said about face-to-face interaction in a brick and mortar location. A chance to step inside the doors of the consulting company will allow you to gain better insight to their culture and how they operate. If the consulting partner has a presence in the city you’re looking in, they will know more about the market, trends, and rates. This knowledge and expertise will allow them to better represent you for openings with their clients.

Secondly, they’re knowledgeable, transparent and detail-oriented! Your conversations with Recruiters and consulting companies should add value to your job search!

How do you know if the Recruiter you’re working with is knowledgeable?

  • They take a consultative approach when working with you. Recruiters spend their days talking to and meeting with candidates. The best Recruiters ask the right questions to gain valuable insights to the market, their clients, and the industry. The best Recruiters will provide tips, tricks and feedback for you throughout your job search. They will share market insights including trends, market rates and more. If they can’t answer your questions, they can help point you to the right resources during your search.
  • They share details beyond the job description. The Recruiter should be able to share in depth detail on their clients including company culture, product details, team makeup, and company insights. If they’re not able to share all the details, they should be transparent about their relationship with the client and on what details they know and can share. The more consultants the consulting firm has with a client, the more details they should be able to share with you!

Last but definitely not least, they care! The great consulting partners and Recruiters care about you and what you want! They show a genuine interest in you and your career. They want to partner with you on opportunities that will help fulfill those goals for you.

How do you know if the consulting company and the Recruiter care?

  • They take the time to understand what matters most to you in a new position. This might be the biggest tell-tale differentiator I’ve seen in my years recruiting. If the Recruiter dives into your background, what you want, and what would be ideal for you and then takes it one step further and finds you those opportunities, you’re working with someone who cares about you! If the Recruiter sends you endless positions, never taking into consideration what matters most to you, it’s clear that their intentions are short-term and reactive.
  • They’re in it for the long-haul! If the Recruiter truly understands what you’re looking for, takes the time to meet with you and get to know you, you’ll be able to tell quickly if they’re in it for the long-term or just for a position open today. If the Recruiter is it in for the long-haul, they’ll understand when a role they bring forward isn’t of interest to you and they will keep you in mind for future roles that are a better fit.

To wrap it all up, being mindful of which Recruiters and consulting companies you engage with will benefit you and your career in the long run. The best consulting partners and Recruiters are:

Accountable: they want to meet you in person and build a trusting relationship and they’re accessible and present in the city you’re looking in.
Knowledgeable, transparent and detail-oriented: they take a consultative and supportive approach with you on your job search and they add value to your search by providing details that will prepare you to do your best in an interview and while working at a client.
Caring: they understand what is important to you and they’re in it for the long-haul!

You are in the driver’s seat of your career and trusted Recruiters can act as the GPS guiding you to your career dreams! Interested in learning more about how I’ve helped hundreds of people land career-changing opportunities? Reach out to me today!