Ever Considered Contract Work? Keep This in Mind Going Into 2022

With a new year upon us, many people are also looking for new opportunities that will allow them to grow professionally, meet new people, and make them more money. While there are many aspects we keep in mind when applying and seeking out new careers (how the job fits into our lives, what our goals and aspirations are, what the culture is like, etc.), there is even more to consider with the way that the world has shifted over the past two years. Do you want to work remote or in-person? Are you willing to make the daily commute? Are you ensuring that you are getting paid enough for what you bring to the table?

Something that many people haven’t thought about is becoming a contractor (also often referred to as a consultant). Many companies, from medium to Fortune 500, hire contractors to come in for a predetermined amount of time to fulfill a specific project. Many of these roles ultimately end up being contract-to-hire, which is a great way for someone to test drive a company before fully committing to full-time employment (and vise versa).

Contract Work Vs. Full-Time Employment

The thought of becoming a contractor versus a full-time employee often scares people. And we can understand why when it is all you have ever known before! But there is often a misconception that it is less dependable than being a full-time employee, which isn’t the case when you work with a dependable consulting firm like Q Consulting. When you work with our team, we are there for you from initial contact all the way until you are placed in a role, and then will continue to be there throughout the entire term of your contract. Then, when your contract is close to coming to an end, we proactively work with you to find another role that fits your experience, goals, and pay rate. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we always make it a point to be available for our consultants whenever they need us and always have their backs.


While not all consulting firms offer benefits, Q Consulting offers a comprehensive benefits package for our W-2 consultants. This includes health insurance, dental, 401K, an HSA, and paid time off. The reason for this is because we want our consultants to reap the benefits of working as a full-time employee while doing contracting work.

Working as a consultant also allows you to get paid (often a lot) more for your expertise. Whether you are a Project Manager, UX Designer, .NET Developer, or something different, working in a contract position often pays much more. Rate will always be determined based upon someone’s experience, but most of the roles we see pay extremely well even on the “lower end.”

Learning & Development

For those who have a continuous improvement mindset, consulting can be an awesome opportunity to work on a variety of different projects that not only help you develop professionally, but are also excellent resume builders. If you are a consultant working through a firm like Q, we want our consultants to continue to grow on our team with us. So if they are looking for something that will help them gain experience in another area, we help them find what they are looking for. Our one tip is to just make sure that the firm you are working with will provide this type of assistance to you and that they are reputable.

How to Take the First Leap Into Becoming a Consultant

It is human nature to want to have all of your ducks in a row and details ironed out before embarking on a new career path. While it can feel difficult, try your best to ignore that pressure, because if you wait for the “perfect moment,” you will never get started. Start with a phone call or an email with one of our recruiters (doesn’t matter which one, they’re all great). Not only will they answer any questions/concerns you may have about becoming a consultant, but they will absolutely never pressure you into it. We have seen numerous scenarios where consulting work was not in the best interest of someone at the time (starting a new family, moving, and other big life changes) and told them we would love to help them find a contracting role in the future if it was still something they had interest in.

As we progress into 2022, keep consulting in mind. And if you have a chat with our team and feel as if it isn’t for you, that’s okay, too. But it truly is an incredible opportunity for those who are looking to grow professionally, make more money, and choose the kind of career path they want for themselves. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with the Q Crew today!