Our Consulting Expertise

Q Consulting is changing the face of IT and Management Consulting. We are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent – consultants who reflect our firm’s high standards and provide exceptional value to our clients. Q Consulting selects talent with depth and breadth of knowledge across the strategic execution ecosystem, including portfolio management (doing the right work); program and project management (doing the work right); as well as business analysis, application development, and quality assurance.

Your Business Objectives

Your business success matters to us. We enable clients to focus on what matters most; to achieve that rare opportunity to be at the front edge of discovery; and to advance beyond the competition. We expect our consultants to continuously improve their knowledge, skills and experience to help our clients effectively solve business problems, innovate, and grow. Let us take you beyond familiar.



Q Consulting is proud to announce that our esteemed partner Brian Grafsgaard has recently been appointed to the PMI Standards Member Advisory Group (Standards MAG). This appointment is the direct result of his role in developing The Standard for Program Management – Third Edition, along with leading the upcoming Requirements Management Practice Guide.


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