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Bob Mellema
Chief Financial Officer

“Our service to both consultants and clients is grounded in a deep desire to foster trusting relationships – relationships that thrive with open and honest communication.”

Christina Hillan
Senior Recruiter

“We’re all focused on doing the right thing for both our consultants and clients. Our strong sense of integrity inspires our highly collaborative spirit.” 

Jim Erickson
Co-Founder & Owner

“We focus on building long-term relationships with our candidates and consultants. By taking care of them so well, they stay with us. That results in real value for our clients, every single day. Our culture of putting consultants first ultimately serves our clients in a more meaningful way. It’s a simple concept of taking care of our consultants so they can take care of our clients.” 

Brian Grafsgaard
CSM, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, Practice Director

“Our consultants-first philosophy means that we treat every candidate as a person with the same needs and aspirations that we have.”

Matt Haiker
Co-Founder & Owner

“Our culture gets its energy from a fundamental belief that people are inherently good. This positive attitude inspires everyone to do his or her best work and be accountable. When everyone is valued and cared about, great things happen. Simply put, we encourage a deeply collaborative environment – one in which every relationship matters.”

Colby Griggs
Senior Recruiter

“We listen to our consultants so we can understand their career aspirations and help them realize their goals, which is actually how we help our clients succeed.”


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