• McKinsey Niehaus Q Consulting
    McKinsey Niehaus

    VP – Business Development

  • Matt Haikere Q Consulting
    Matt Haiker

    Founder and Owner

  • Bill Thelen Q Consulting
    Bill Thelen

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tiffany Root Q Consulting
    Tiffany Root

    Brand Manager

McKinsey Niehaus Q Consulting


McKinsey Niehaus VP – Business Development

McKinsey is well established in business development and is unbelievably adept at providing highly strategic consultants at her clients. She has this knack for not only understanding WHAT the client needs, but also WHY they need them…very rare indeed. When at rest (which is unusual), she can be found sipping wine in her home which is literally a jungle of orchids…her passion in life which has now spread to the office. Her desk looks like a miniature Costa Rica. Core Value identification is “DRIVEN”.

Matt Haiker Q Consulting


Matt Haiker Founder and Owner

His youthful appearance belies the fact that Matt has well over 20 years’ experience in this industry. Matt has an incredible knowledge of our industry and is well respected throughout the Twin Cities. Married with a daughter (light of his life) and his dog, Brigsy, Matt enjoys his cabin getaways and is the biggest Vikings fan on the planet! He has an extreme passion for giving back to the community and is the company champion of this cause. Core Value identification is “INTEGRITY”.

Bill Thelen Q Consulting


Bill Thelen Chief Financial Officer

Usually, finance people don’t have much of a sense of humor, and Bill is no exception (we kid, we kid!). Bill’s most endearing work ethic is a “get it done now” mentality. As a fast-growing consulting company, that attitude is solid gold. Married with TWO daughters, Bill really enjoys his solitude (still kidding!). His loves are (in order) his family, softball, watching the Twins (with a cold beverage) and watching a really good zombie movie, which confirms our thoughts about finance people. Core Value identification is “ACCOUNTABLE”.


Tiffany Root Q Consulting


Tiffany Root Brand Manager

Tiffany is a ray of sunshine in the office. Candidates and Consultants are driven to her warm personality and genuine smile. The youngest of 5 children, she is used to finding a way to get things done, even if it means hard work. A Packer’s fan (sigh), she is HUGE into cooking and has, by far, the best dance moves in the company. Her greatest charm is that she’s always willing to learn and she loves sharing in the success of Q! Core Value identification is “TEAMWORK”.

  • Jim Erickson Q Consulting
    Jim Erickson

    Founder and Owner

  • Brooke Vroman
    Brooke Vroman

    Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator

  • Christina Hillan Q Consulting
    Christina Hillan

    Director – Recruiting

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne

    Business Development

Jim Erickson Q Consulting


Jim Erickson Founder and Owner

Known as the “numbers guy”, Jim has a talent and passion for analytics. He believes completely that data is the new currency. That’s right…boring. Jim once took a personality test and scored ZERO in emotion. He DOES, however, get very passionate about the future of Q and the well-being of its Clients, Consultants and Employees. Married to the love of his life, Jim has 4 children and 3 grandchildren (yikes!). He is consumed by the game of basketball and believes this is the year for the Timberwolves, just like every other year. Core Value identification is “EXCELLENCE”.

Brooke Vroman Q Consulting


Brooke Vroman Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator

Brooke Vroman Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator – Brooke is a SPARKPLUG!! Her energy is as unrelenting as her smile. You’ve heard of the person in every office that’s the glue to the team? That’s Brooke…and she is as sticky as it gets. Her passion in life (other than to keep us all in line) is the beautiful sport of soccer (she does not believe in flops). She not only plays, but coaches as well. She also likes to think she is funny, which is funny (as in “not true”). Core Value identification is “SUPPORT”.

Christina Hillan Q Consulting


Christina Hillan Director – Recruiting

Christina is the queen of relationships. The bond she forms with her Consultants is amazing and forever. In this age of commoditization, Christina has positioned herself as the ultimate advocate for in person communication AND a deeper understanding of the overall needs of her Consultants. When she’s not lifting up the team at Q, she’s actually LIFTING WEIGHTS! Her “downtime” is spent doing something called Competitive Weightlifting. Sounds made up, but we’re not going to argue with her. Core Value identification is “RESPECT”.

Andrew Payne Q Consulting


Andrew Payne Business Development

Andrew is Q’s renaissance man. He likes to do just about everything and he’s good at all of it. His best trait at Q is his ability to develop new business, and he’s great at that! When he’s not working, you can find Andrew playing sports (golf, softball, football, table tennis…see, he does it all), usually with a cold craft beer in his hand. Married to the love of his life, Andrew says he is “traditionally untraditional”…Andrew, we don’t know what that means. Core Value identification is “DRIVEN”.

  • Nate Lee
    Nate Lee


  • Sylvia Choe Q Consulting
    Sylvia Choe


  • Stephen Toma Q Consulting
    Stephen Toma

    Director – Business Development


Nate Lee Q Consulting


Nate Lee Recruiter

Nate likes beer. That pretty much sums him up…just kidding Nate. Nate is a MACHINE when it comes to recruiting. His days are spent connecting with people non-stop, and he’s VERY good at it! His passions in life (other than beer) are his fantastic wife and his new bouncing baby boy! He also is a baseball fanatic. He plays for the ultra-competitive town league in New Prague. Ask him about his game-winning, bottom of the ninth, two out grand slam and he’ll probably show you the video! Core Value identification is “COLLABORATION”.

Sylvia Choe Q Consulting


Sylvia Choe Recruiter

Sylvia is a natural connector! Although she hasn’t always been a recruiter, but she has always been inquisitive and thoughtful in her approach to building relationships. She has the “gift of gab” and you’ll know it from the first time you meet her (because she is as “gabby” as it gets). She is the one in the office who knows how your day is going because she asks AND listens! When she’s not spending time as a social butterfly and building relationships, Sylvia LOVES to do research and dive deep into learning new topics. If you’re a consultant working with a new technology… you can bet Sylvia will ask you about it! When she’s not recruiting at Q, you can catch her doing a crossword puzzle or watching a romcom with her yorkie Teddy, while enjoying a nice glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! Core Value identification is “DRIVEN”.

Stephen Toma Q Consulting


Stephen Toma Director of Business Development

Stephen is a go-getter! He’s extremely detail-oriented and is naturally HYPER-competitive! When it comes to learning a new topic or working with a client, Stephen asks all of the right questions. He loves to get down into the details; little is left uncovered when he’s around. Stephen’s competitive side comes from being an athlete and competing in football, basketball, baseball, golf and soccer in his younger years (‘cause he’s SO old now). Today, he continues to flex his muscles in weightlifting, yoga and hiking. To call Stephen a “foodie” would be a major understatement (he joined Q for the unlimited snacks and beverages in the office and hasn’t yet realized it’s OK TO LEAVE SOME FOR THE REST OF US)– when he isn’t developing business or hitting the gym, he’s either cooking or trying new local restaurants, ideally while indulging in a nice, single malt scotch. Value identification is “ACCOUNTABLE”.



Q Consulting was named a “2019 Best Places to Work in Minnesota” by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal


“From first interview at their office, to working at a client under the Q name, the Q team has stayed true to putting their tagline of putting their consultants first. The team is so professional, seasoned, genuine, and communicates well. They are involved without being overbearing, communicative but not in your face. Their client relationships are solid.”

- Q Consultant

"From what I have come to know about Q Consulting and the team there is that they are true to their word, have a second to none approach as far as relationships and truly care about people. I would not hesitate to say that my experience is unmatched when it comes to management and IT consulting firms. Simply the best out there!"

– Q Consulting Employee

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