About Us

“Q Consulting was founded in 2015, but the foundation upon which we were built goes back more than 20 years. We started in the consulting industry in the 90’s. Our paths came together in 2008. As we started working together we discovered we were finishing each other’s sentences and instantly realized we were in lock step that there is a RIGHT WAY to do this business. We agreed that doing business with QUALITY, EXCELLENCE, and putting VALUE into RELATIONSHIPS are the fundamental values of a business that will stand the test of time. We promise to always uphold those values.” — Matt and Jim


Q Consulting’s culture is built upon the following values:
EXCELLENCE is the value we hold the highest.  We are driven and accountable in all we do.
RESPECT is the key to all relationships.  We will be caring and support each other.
INTEGRITY is how we go about putting all our values into action.  We will be ethical and we will give back to our communities.
COLLABORATION is what allows all of this to come together.  Teamwork and compromise is how individuals work together to deliver excellence.



Whether you’re a Client, Consultant, or Employee, isn’t it time you stopped being treated like a commodity? Connect with us and FEEL the difference at Q!


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